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Nightwing: The New Order #1 (of 6)
In a possible future, "weapons" or super-powered beings have been eliminated and outlawed. The man responsible? The one and only Dick Grayson, otherwise known as Nightwing! He has become the leader of a government task force named The Crusaders, who are charged with hunting and capturing the remaining Supers. But when The Crusaders start to target Grayson's own family, he must tear down everything he helped build with the help of the same people he's been capturing: the last meta-humans of the DC Universe!

​Generations Unworthy Thor & Mighty Thor #1
Two Thors, One Hammer. When a battle goes wrong, Thor ends up finding herself in Anicent Egypt, going toe-to-toe with a young Odinson, two arms and all. A misguided army of Vikings have bitten off more than they can chew, leading Odinson, the Prince of Asgard, to answer their prayers. However, one ax alone can't stop the mighty Apocalypse...unless the Mighty Thor shows up out of nowhere! Can a not-yet-worthy god and a time-lost hero team up to stop the world's deadliest mutant? 

​Detective Comics #963
Spoiler has exiled herself from the Bat-family since Red Robin's "passing". While on her own, she's nearly destroyed herself trying to expose the corruption of Gotham's Vigilantes. Unfortunately, for her, help has arrived on her doorstep in the form of Anarky! Is he really trying to save Gotham's people and expose these so-called vigilantes? Or is he just some crazed lunatic?

Manhunter Special #1
Big-game hunter and private detective Paul Kirk has marshaled his skills to fight crime as the masked vigilante known as Manhunter. But now crime has reached epidemic proportions that may push him to the limits - and draw the attention of the Golden Age heroes Sandman and Sandy! Plus: a short story featuring Etrigan the Demon by writer Sam Humphries and artist Steve Rude. ​