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Legion #1 (of 5)
David Haller, son of Professor X, has always had trouble containing his multiple personalities. And with each personality, comes a new and dangerous mutant power. But now, a new personality is threatening to take over Haller's mind and body. To stop this from happening, David seeks out the help of psychiatrist Hannah Jones. But what David doesn't know is Dr. Jones has demons of her own...

​Inhumans: Judgement Day #1 (of 1)
The Royal Family set out into space to find Primagen, the element of Terrigen, hoping to save the Inhuman race from extinction. But to get to Primagen, they had to face the Progenitors, beings older than Earth itself. The Inhumans stole from Gods. And the Gods are angry. The Progenitors are back, ready to end their experiment once and for all...and Earth with it. Who will be able to stand on Judgement Day?

Raven: Daughter of Darkness #1 (of 12)
In this all-new miniseries, Raven faces a new, otherworldly menace that is all too grounded in reality. Plus, Raven's personal life is in an uproar as her mother and aunt struggle for the soul of a Titan! It's up to Baron Winters of the Night Force to intercede on her behalf as she embarks on the adventure called "The Girls With the Anime Eyes"!

X-Men Blue Annual #1
Spinning out of the events of Venomverse, the Children of the Atom and the Lethal Protector team up to take down an extradimensional threat! This is it, folks, the team-up you've been asking for: X-MEN BLUE and VENOM must band together in the cold reaches of space to protect our universe from a threat more diabolical than you can imagine.